hihi! I'm soul any pronouns Hispanic Bisexual? I listen to k-pop and punk music. Some k-pop groups I stan are Stray kids, Xdinary Heros, TXT, The Rose, Day6, Everglow, Itzy, Dreamcatcher, and Loona! I also listen to Pierce the veil, Falling in reverse, Fall out boys, and My chemical romance I try my best to stay active although I never follow up with that (I'm sorry) I use discord, if you want a faster way to talk to me add me on it ( lucid✩star#9910 ) I'm always down on making new friends so please be my friends.
Before you follow please keep in mind I do make many kms/kys jokes. I am a multi stan so please don't associate me with any fandom. I do not/ will not condone anything problematic my favorites have done and nor will I defend them
Do not follow if always in unnecessary discourse. local. anti of my ults (esp skz& xhd). u support/stan weirdos. solo stan (if u have reasons that's fine). mcyttwt. older than 18. homophobia. racism. colorist. fetishism

pierce the veil obvi. Listening to new types of music. Playing the guitar and violin. Reading and cooking.

Starts stuff for no reason like grow up bruh.